Care a Little More
A song created for the charity by Rob Hill. These images where taken on the streets during outreach and in the safe house. It compares the difference the charities makes and how just a small amount of my care make a big difference. Thanks you Rob for the beautiful song.
Becoming Somebody
In this film the boys tell us why education is important and why your help is so important to them and how the safe house has changed their lives.
In Celebration of Brotherhood
A dance video made by the boys in Kisii safe house celebrating brotherhood.
Rebuilding Futures
Harambee for Kenya launches their new 'Rebuilding futures' project assisting family to prevent homelessness in Kenya. With much thanks to Desbruslais Chartered Surveyors for their kind support with this project (
Celebration of the Safe House in Meru
This video is a celebration of the safe house in Kenya. We took all the boys from the Meru house to the local hotel to celebrate their successful school year.
Meet Duke
Duke lost both of his parents and found himself living on the streets. The charity found him and all the boys have welcomed him in. He is now safe, well and doing really well at his new school.
Bright Lives (Malick)
Malick who used to live on the streets of Kenya, tells of his success of starting a new life after being supported by 'Harambee for Kenya'.
Bright lives (Carlos)
10 years ago Carlos was homeless and living on the streets of Kenya. Now he is a successful university students, Carlos thanks 'Harambee for Kenya' for their love and support.
Bright Lives (Rueben)
As a boy Rueben lived on the streets for 7 years after losing his parents. 'Harambee for Kenya' supported him and now is is studying successfully at college.
Brights Lives (Denilson)
Denilson was living on the street until 'Harambee for Kenya' found him. Since then he has become a skilled artist and is now selling work to help 'Harambee for Kenya' to support other boys to leave the streets and start again.
Harambee is Swahili for “all pull together”. We would like you to join us, pulling together, to help the street children of Kenya.
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