Kisii was the first project we built in 2008. This has five bedrooms, a living room which are all downstairs and a big meeting hall/games room upstairs. There are two additional bedrooms for any visitors to stay in.

The boys sleep on triple bunk beds and, depending on the size of room, there are between three and nine children sleeping in each. All the boys work and play well together and have shown good team skills especially while playing football together, and have won local competitions. 

All the boys go to local schools who have welcomed them with open arms and all of them are now doing really well. A number of them are at secondary school, and polytechnic, while the others are enjoying primary school. Already we have had a number who have left the project as young men, are working and have homes of their own. At least four of them have young families now that they are supporting. 
Meru was finally finished and opened in April 2014. The plot consists of one building where there is a dining room, day room and somewhere for visitors to stay. The other building consists of 6 bedrooms for the boys and separate accommodation for the carer, consisting of two bedrooms and a lounge. There is a detached kitchen area and the land is good for growing some crops as well as an area for the boys to play. The boys sleep on double bunk beds and, depending on the size of room, there are between four and eight children sleeping in each. 

We also have a patch of land locally where trees are being grown so they can be sold in a few years time to raise funds. This is an easy and lucrative project. 

 All the boys are doing well either going to school or college. The boys at Polytechnic are being trained in practical skills, such as electrical and hospitality. In their spare time they enjoy football and also look after the rabbits, which are used for food when big enough. The boys are also learning to cook for themselves and have chores to do like cleaning as other Kenyan boys would do in family homes. So they are experiencing a real family atmosphere.   
Harambee is Swahili for “all pull together”. We would like you to join us, pulling together, to help the street children of Kenya.
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