Scouts, Guides and Youth groups activities.
This video is in two parts. The first part tells you about us and what we do to help street children in Kenya . The second part is where the fun begins with an instructional video you can refer to time and again in supporting Scouts and Girl Guides activities.
Change a life forever (Sponsor a child to leave the streets)
Bernard used to live the streets, but with sponsorship was helped to begin a new life. He explains the importance of having a sponsor and how it can change a life forever.
Latest TV reports on the Umoja Exhibition
Latest TV reports on the Umoja Exhibition which was part of the Brighton Photo Fridge Festival. Our Boys took part in writing and photography workshops giving a voice to street children globally.
Unity (Turning gangs into brotherhood)
An inspiring film exploring how we provide safe houses and help the boys turn the gang life on the streets into a loving brotherhood. Hear more from the boys of their experience.
Helping with Isolation
A video made during the pandemic helping viewers to understand the isolation experienced living on the streets.
Pandemic Response (Lewes Story)
Not all children can stay home during the pandemic. Lewes tells his story and helps us to raise funds during this vulnerable time of the pandemic.
Treading the Path Together (Brian's Story)
This video describes the work it takes to assist children from leaving the streets and how persistence and love is essential.
The Happiest Boy
The Happiest Boy in lockdown is a video sent from our Kisii safe house of Nash our youngest child. It tells of his joy of being in the house after being found on the streets.
Celebrate Umoja (Unity)
A fun video made with the boys in the school holidays celebrating another successful year at school.
'From Zero to a Hero'
A short film describing the work of the charity.
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Harambee is Swahili for “all pull together”. We would like you to join us, pulling together, to help the street children of Kenya.
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